Outdoor Pole Banners

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Attract Customers at every turn with our pole banners!

Our 18 oz. is a heavy duty block out banner material for outdoor applications. The uniquely woven 1000 x 1000 scrim provides strength and stability under harsh weather conditions. Pole Banner 18 oz. is designed for two-sided applications where complete opacity is required. Both sides of the material have a matte finish for a non- glare appearance that is easy to read from a distance.

  • To conform to most City requirements we include:
    • Double Stitched pole pockets (free)
    • Grommet at each corner – total of 4 (free)
    • 2″ Pole pockets top and bottom (free)
    • Windslits (optional)

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18"w x 24"h
18"w x 30"h
18"w x 36"h
18"w x 42"h
18"w x 48"h
18"w x 54"h
18"w x 60"h
18"w x 66"h
18"w x 72"h
18"w x 78"h
18"w x 84"h
18"w x 90"h
18"w x 96"h
24"w x 24"h
24"w x 30"h
24"w x 36"h
24"w x 42"h
24"w x 48"h
24"w x 54"h
24"w x 60"h
24"w x 66"h
24"w x 72"h
24"w x 78"h
24"w x 84"h
24"w x 90"h
24"w x 96"h
30"w x 24"h
30"w x 30"h
30"w x 36"h
30"w x 42"h
30"w x 48"h
30"w x 54"h
30"w x 60"h
30"w x 66"h
30"w x 72"h
30"w x 78"h
30"w x 84"h
30"w x 90"h
30"w x 96"h
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Double Sided
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18oz. Blockout Vinyl Banner
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4 Corner Only
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Our most durable material. 18 oz. vinyl is a heavy duty banner material used for indoor and outdoor applications. The unique construction provides strength and stability under harsh weather conditions. This material is designed for two-sided applications and has a matte finish. Recommended for heavier wind environments, this banner material is waterproof and has high tear and abrasion resistance.

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 8 × 8 in